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Share - Chapter 8 (Part 1)
Chapitre 8

Title : Share - Chapter 8
Pairing : Ryopi
Author : Me
Beta : None and please excuse me as english is not my mother language.
Raiting : NC 17
Genre : AU Romance
Disclaimer : Characters are not mine... unfortunately..

Finally able to post more regulary!! So happy about that.
Hope you're still enjoying this story

  • « Tomo come on, get up now.
  • No!
  • Yes!
  • No! I wanna stay in bed!
  • Then you do what you want. I’m getting up.
  • No! I want to stay In bed with you.
  • No. We have a lot of work. Come on be nice…
  • Ok… but I have one condition!
  • Yes?
  • I want a kiss.”

The younger was now sitting; his arms folded across his chest, waiting for Ryo to decide if he’ll come to him and give him the kiss that would finally make him get up.

Suppressing a smile from seeing his lover’s pout, Ryo leaned over him and planted a tender kiss on his lips.

He quickly found himself surrounded below Tomohisa who had already started nibbling his neck.

  • “Tomo! We agreed on a single kiss!
  • No! I told you I wanted a kiss to get up. Now you can be sure I’ll get up, but I haven’t said when!
  • You’re evil!”

While laughing the two lovers kissed again before finally get up. Heading to the kitchen to make coffee, Ryo told Yamashita what he wanted him to work this day, remembering him that the playoffs were the next week and that he still had a lot of work.

Sitting at the piano, Yamashita began to play under his lover’s eyes. Then he began to play the Ravel piece.

  • “Say Ryo…
  • Hmm?
  • This piece… why?
  • Hum… hard to tell… But I think that I wanted to hear it well played by someone.
  • What do you mean? Lots of pianist played it!
  • Yeah but you didn’t! And I wanted to hear it played by you.”

Ryo couldn’t suppress a smile when he saw Tomohisa blushing.

  • “Oh our little pianist is blushing!
  • No!
  • Yes!
  • N… Ah you’re pissing me off!”

Yamashita focused again on his instrument and played his concerto. His coach was again telling himself that decide to take care of his student had been one of his best idea. But God it was so difficult to work with his lover!

How to prevent the desire to climb, how to resist to his many month’s fantasy or more simply: how to keep from jumping on Yamashita Tomohisa? His body was just a lust call which Ryo didn’t want to resist!

But he had to… yeah… really… but…

Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realize that the younger was looking at him while playing.

How could he stay calm now?

Tomohisa’s black eyes were staring at him intently. Suddenly, the younger reached him out and took his coach in his arms.

  • “Ryo…
  • Hmm?
  • No… nevermind…
  • What?
  • Well…
  • Yes?
  • You think I’ll win? I mean the contest?”

Straightening, Ryo looked at his student. In his eyes he could see doubt, fear.

  • “Tomo, are you afraid?
  • Well…
  • Stop it; you don’t have to worry… I trust you, you know this piece, there is no reason for not to go well.
  • You’re sure?
  • Yes. Don’t worry.
  • You’re so cute!
  • Don’t make fun of me!
  • I’m not… I really think it’s cute… But… Since when are you worrying for un piano contest?
  • Since I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Those words… they were the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.

  • “Tomo, you won’t disappoint me… ever…
  • Yeah but if I fail, if I panic, if…
  • Tomo! Stop! He placed his hands on his cheeks in a sweet caress, don’t worry! You’ll keep doing as you always have! Your technic is perfect; I’m not worried at all. Contests have never been a problem for you! So stay calm…
  • Mmh… ok… sorry…
  • Hey stop it, no problem; I’m also here for that… You can lean on me, I won’t let you down.”

Tomohisa drew him closer to give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Looking at him he whispered a little “Thank you Ryo” that tore a tender smile to the coach before took hold of him again to prove again and again how much he loved him.

* * *

  • R…!
  • What?
  • Nothing but…
  • Good.
  • Hey Ryo blblblblblblblblblblb…
  • Han what???
  • You’re putting it in my eyes!!!
  • Oh sissy!
  • Stop it!
  • Does it hurt sweety…?
  • I’ll show you if it hurts!
  • Heyblblblbllblblblblblb!!!
  • Well don’t YOU have some in the eyes?
  • Pfffff….
  • …”

The bathroom where the two young men were resting for almost an hour was now more a swimming pool due to their water and soap fight.

When they finally decided to get out of the bathtub, Yamashita took a big towel and put it around his lover. Looking at him, Ryo gave him a shy smile.

  • “Tomo?
  • Give me a hug.
  • Pff… What a baby…”

But that didn’t stop him and soon Ryo was wrapped in the younger’s arms, who was leading him to the bedroom…

* * *

When Ryo opened his eyes, he instantly realized that Tomohisa wasn’t in the bed anymore. He immediately felt uncomfortable.

He didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t near.

Then he heard the piano. Smiling, he mentally insulted himself for being such a girl when it was about his student.

Still lying on the bed, he listened to him rehearsing the Concerto he was gonna play in a few days. Then he thought back about the conversation they had.

He had heard Tomohisa’s fear; he had felt how afraid he was to disappoint him. But how could he even think that? His mere presence was already enough for Nishikido. With a simple smile from him, he felt capable of doing anything.

So disappoint him… that was impossible… he was too much… him…

  • “What are you thinking about? Said Tomohisa standing in the door frame.
  • You.
  • I like that! You’re hungry?
  • Yeah!
  • Well then get up, I’ll cook you something.”

Ryo pushed the duvet away and propelled himself out of bed… to crash to the ground a few seconds later in a loud noise.

Running to him a panicked Yamashita asked.

  • “Ryo, Ryo, what’s going on? You’re having a crisis huh? Ryo answer me?”

Raising watery eyes to the younger, the coach said with a tiny voice:

  • “Ouch…
  • Oh fuck, it’s a crisis, where are your pills Ryo? The fuck Ryo answer me!
  • Tomo, stop! It’s not a crisis.”

Tomohisa stopped then looked at his lover, waiting for an explanation.

  • “I…
  • Yeah?
  • Well…
  • What?
  • Hum… let’s say I think I’ll stay in bed…
  • Why?
  • Are you fucking doing it on purpose or what?
  • What do you mean?
  • Oh Tomo, I can’t stand, it hurts…
  • It hurts? Where? Why?
  • Well, it hurts there…”

With a scowl, Ryo showed him the painful area.

  • “Oh… Tomohisa murmured.
  • Right, answered Ryo.
  • … Is it because of me?
  • Well…
  • Oh Ryo I’m so sorry.
  • Sorry… but why?
  • To have hurt you. But you should have told me!
  • What! Why? You think that during it I was in pain?
  • Well… that’s not really what I felt… So that’s why I didn’t stop.
  • And you did well! I didn’t ask you to stop! So that means I didn’t want you to, it’s as simple as that!!
  • Well yeah but…
  • No buts! You a pain! If I have to be like this every time then there is no problem as long as you keep making me feel as I felt those last 24 hours!”

Tomohisa couldn’t help but let a huge smile appeared on his face and so he came closer to Ryo and gave him an intense kiss.

Eager to feel again their skin against each other, Ryo quickly pulled Tomohisa’s shirt and putted his hands on his belly in a gentle caress. Swinging above him, Yamashita began to get rid of the blanket that separated him from the naked body of his lover. Once this was done, the younger clung to his coach, returning to his heat in a deep groan.

And then again, heat fell on them, stroking more, seeking contact, making them moan an sigh. Both lovers couldn’t stop learning about each other.

But unfortunately at that very moment, the doorbell rang. Dazed, the two young men looked at each other and Ryo couldn’t help but dropping a swearword.

Who dared to disturb him while he was in bed with Yamashita Tomohisa?


Who dared to disturb him while he was in bed with a naked Yamashita Tomohisa?

The younger made an adorable pout and reluctantly pulled away from the embrace of his lover not without specifying:

  • “If this is Jin, first I kill him, then I kick him out.”

When he saw Ryo rebound to follow him, Tomohisa pushed him away in the bed again and ordered him “not to move from here, especially no to put any clothing and wit for him to return to fuck the hell out of him.”

Bursting with laughter, Ryo settled back comfortably in bed and glanced at his lover in a way that just made him wanted to ignore his visitor to directly jump to last stage of his program.

But the said visitor recalled to his memory and it’s a grumbling and slipping a jean and a t-shirt Yamashita that went to the door.

  • “…
  • Good morning Yamashita-kun. How are you?
  • Yuya!
  • Well yeah! You look weird, yet I’m right on time.”

Tomohisa had totally forgotten he had given Yuya an appointment to make him listen to his new projects. During those last wonderful 24 hours, he had just lived in another planet! Making the singer enter his apartment, he couldn’t help but think about Ryo’s naked body in the next room.

  • “So! Are you going to make me listen to your new masterpieces?
  • Yeah yeah, of course, have a sit! You want a coffee?
  • Yes thank you.”

The bedroom’s door opened and Yamashita was relieved to discover a very dressed Ryo who was walking in a regular way!

Tegoshi frowned when he saw the man he desired getting out of his partner’s bedroom. He had obviously slept here… well… slept…

  • “Good morning Yuya.
  • Good morning Ryo.
  • How are you?
  • I’m fine thank you. You?
  • I’m great.”

After a few seconds, Ryo turned to his lover and said:

  • “Well, I’m going to take a shower.”

And he nonchalantly went to the bathroom. To part 2!



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