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Share - Chapter 8 BONUS (Part 1)
Bonus Chapitre 8
Title : Share - Chapter 8 BONUS
Pairing : Akame (for this chapter), Ryopi
Author : Me
Beta : None and please excuse me as english is not my mother language.
Raiting : NC 17
Genre : AU Romance
Disclaimer : Characters are not mine... unfortunately..

I know!!! I just couldn't resist!! I wanted to talk a little about those two!
So pleaaaase!! I really hope you'll enjoy!
And don't worry the next chapters will focus on Ryopi!

My name is Akanishi Jin and I’m gay.

Well I think so.

No! It’s sure!


Well… maybe I shouldn’t have started my story like this… let’s start again.

My name is Akanishi Jin and… I’m a man!

At least that I’m sure of.

It’s just that right now I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Aaah!!! I don’t know what to do anymore, what to say anymore, how to explain… I don’t even know if there’s something to tell…

The thing is that since I met him, everything is different, I don’t see anything the same anymore. It’s as if everything was more beautiful, clearer, better.

It’s true! I used to be a cool regular guy before…

Now everything has changed… Nothing is like it used to be.

I can even talk clearly anymore.

A regular day for me used to be get up in the morning, get ready, go to Pi (my best friend), make him rehearse his piano, work our compositions, get ready and then go to club to find a new girl to spend the night with.

But well, I’m a great guy so one day I realized that in front of Pi’s level I had a problem. So I decided to find him a coach. But hey, not anybody huh! I wanted the best for him! So I made crazy research on the net, I called people I knew and they all told me about Nishikido Ryo…

I knew him by reputation, but honestly he had so much disappeared that I thought he was dead!

In fact, he didn’t want to show off anymore…

You cannot imagine how much I have fought to contact him. The good thing for is that Pi is brilliant; he’s the best… no doubt on that. So Nishikido finally agreed and since then they work together and Pi is preparing a contest.

By the way, those two… well I’ll talk about that later, because I wanted to tell that since Pi has a coach… well I have free time! So I walk around and that’s the problem!

A day I have been busy with annoying paper stuff I started to get hungry on my way back so I entered the first restaurant I saw. A very tiny place I wouldn’t have even seen if I hadn’t been starving that day. So I entered this Ramen place.

And then I saw him.

I had never felt that before.

I had never felt that with a girl before.

So a guy!

I mean a guy!

Me! A man! I totally fall for another man.

But you should have seen him!

He was just gorgeous.

And I dared not even look at him…

That day, I barely talked to him. Sucker…

Honestly, who slept with so many girls I even gave up counting long ago…

There I was like an idiot in front of a guy.

And as a girl I found myself going to eat Ramen every day.

Just to see him.

Just to stare at every little detail of him. His beautiful eyes, his hair, everything!

One night Pi and I were performing at the Club, the first time Ryo came by the way. Well I had the surprise to see my beautiful waiter in the audience. He was there, alone and I had the feeling that he was finally seeing me, looking at me.

At the end of the concert, I went to say hello. Man I looked so stupid. So shy…

  • “Hum… Hi… I…
  • Oh! It’s fun to meet here… how are you?
  • I… I’m fine and you? You’re not working at the restaurant tonight?
  • Oh no, I had a day off.
  • Oh…
  • Yes, some friends told me about this place but I didn’t think I would see you there at all! I didn’t know you were a musician.
  • Oh… yeah… well…
  • I thought you were great.”

And he offered me a drink. We talked for hours about music, he asked me a lot of question.

It was just perfect…

But how could it been different?

He is perfect!

I am so insignificant beside him.

I think we gradually became friends. He began to talk about himself, his life, his friends. I went to the restaurant almost every day, as I usually did, except now we were finally talking. He always took a few minutes for me. I also began to talk about me, my friendship with Pi, without going into details but… just enough for him to understand that Pi and I… well… that was for life! We talked about music too, piano a little…

If I hadn’t already fallen in love with him, well it would have come during those few minutes a day and then for those that followed, when I watched him smile at customers, always even-tempered, so beautiful…

The day Pi told me he felt for Ryo, I thought I was going to kill him. But hey could you imagine!? He came to me, heart-shaped mouth and basically told me that the guy who is desperately in love with him since the day they met… well he likes him too! And then he told me that he didn’t know what to do about that!

Holy shit that was so simple!!!

Even I should have known what to do!

And moreover that bastard scared me! For 5 minutes I thought he was attracted to me!

He looked so lost, and I realized that I should probably show him that I understood better than he thought.

So I took him to the restaurant.

Why would I have hidden that I was as scared as him?

When we arrived he didn’t understand. This kind of place was so unlike me!

When I introduced him to Kamenashi, he didn’t seem to understand so I told him about my feelings and in his eyes, after surprise I think I saw a kind of… disappointment?

He didn’t understand why I haven’t told him before.

But how could you tell your best friend that after years of partying and screwing girls you fell in love with… a boy!

Well he did…

But two childhood friends who experience the same thing at the same time especially in terms of their sexual orientation… that’s unusual!

Then Pi told about his doubts regarding Ryo, he thought he had missed the opportunity and that now he was with Tegoshi. I felt sad for him.

He looked so miserable.

But he kept cheering me up, telling me that I had to told him.

Then he left.

I didn’t know what to do for him.

I was sitting there; so far lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realized that Kamenashi was staring at me.

When I looked into his eyes, I was so surprised, I dropped my glass.

  • “Oh sorry!
  • That’s ok.
  • I’m really sorry.
  • Akanishi-kun it is just water!
  • Mmh.
  • You don’t look well tonight, he told me while putting his hand on my forearm.”

When he touched me I froze, making him retreat.

  • “Sorry…
  • No, that’s ok, it’s me…
  • What’s going on Akanishi-kun?
  • No it’s just… it’s Pi…
  • Your best friend?
  • Mmh. He’s in trouble.
  • Oh, nothing bad I hope?
  • Depends on the point of view.
  • He’s in love.
  • ???
  • Well… he is… let’s just say…
  • What?
  • Well, maybe he realized it too late and missed his chance.
  • Oh.
  • And…
  • Yes?
  • Hum…
  • Well it’s a guy.
  • I have already realized it!
  • No! He’s in love with a guy…
  • And?”

I suddenly raised my eyes towards him.

  • “What do you mean?
  • I don’t see where the fact that it’s a guy is a problem…
  • It is not! This is not what I meant!
  • And what did you meant Jin?”

I noticed he called me by my name and if I hadn’t seen anger in his eyes, I think I would have cried of happiness.

Now I had to make things up.

  • “The thing is he had never been in love before, Pi is like a Don Juan! So he wasn’t expecting to fall for a guy!
  • And Ryo well he’s been in love with Pi since the beginning… but I was cleaver to introduce him to this third guy and Pi didn’t say anything… so now…
  • The third became the first.
  • Yeah.
  • Well it’s a pity but…
  • What?
  • What do you want me to say? You can’t control your feelings Jin! And you Ryo, maybe he was tired of waiting!
  • Hey do you think it’s easy to wake up one morning and think “hey, I think that after big boobs now I find pectoral way more interesting!”
  • But you think it’s all about that!!! It’s unbelievable! Feelings don’t have gender Jin!
  • Are you attracted to men Kamenashi.
  • No. I’m attracted to you.
  • And you’re a man.”

What could I answer to that?


In one sentence… he said everything.

Yes I am a man as he is.

But he likes me.

He likes me…


Holy shit YES! This is good! This is just perfect, but…

What am I gonna do?

He just said the words I dreamed of hearing and I was just seating there, looking at him like a dumbass.

  • “Don’t worry Jin, I have understood what you think about gay people but, well, I wanted to tell you. You know it’s not eas…”

I will never know what he wanted to tell me because I had already kissed him. I don’t know what happened to me… I haven’t thought about it. Or I have… a little.

To be honest, I thought that if I didn’t do anything, I would totally deserve the Bakanishi nickname Pi gave me.

I didn’t want to let my chance go.

His lips were softer than I have imagined.

This kiss was just the most fantastic one that I had given or received.

It was like I felt everything more. His hair caressing my cheeks, his breath against mine. How could I describe how I felt at that very moment?

When I opened my eyes, I met his questioning gaze.

I didn’t want him to have doubts.

So I ran my hand behind his neck to get him even closer to me, then I closed my eyes and gently let my tongue discover him. My hands ventured on his back, on his hips while he was doing the same movement as me.

I don’t know how long we’ve stayed here, in the middle of this empty restaurant, simply kissing and innocently caressing each other. I just know that it could have lasted forever.

But too soon he drew back and stared at me. A little smile appeared on his lips and he whispered:

  • “Well… I wasn’t expecting that…
  • Yeah…”

I couldn’t be far from him. My hands didn’t leave his arms.

  • “Jin… would you… come to my place…?”

Again something new, but I wasn’t paying attention anymore.

That was the first time that it wasn’t me asking this kind of question. I must have looked weird for a few seconds because then he started to explain ridiculous stuff.

  • “No because you know, we are in the middle of the restaurant and it’s late and I have to close and we’ll be more comfortable and…
  • Are you living far from here?
  • ???
  • Just above.
  • Then what are we waiting for?”

I took his hand and walked to the stairs that should normally lead us to his place. He stopped me and went to close the shutter, then locked the door. Then he finally looked at me and gave me a huge smile.

  • “Now we can go!” To part 2



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