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Share - Chapter 6 (Part1)
Chapitre 6
Title : Share - Chapter 6
Pairing : Ryopi
Author : Me
Beta : None and please excuse me as english is not my mother language.
Raiting : PG13 (will go NC17 later)
Genre : AU Romance
Disclaimer : Characters are not mine... unfortunately..

Yeah!! Finally I'm in the good mood to actually work on that fic! So I think you'll get the chapters quite regulary!

Bip bip bip bip…

The horrible sound oh his phone woke him up from his sweet dreams. Taking the damned item he discovered a message from his coach.

“Tomo, I won’t be there the whole week-end, no rehearsal, I’ll see you on Monday”

No rehearsal, not here the whole week-end… Ryo was sick! That was the only explanation. So he tried to call him to have some news. No answer. That was directly the answering machine and he didn’t like that.

He probably had a crisis and he was lying on the floor, he couldn’t answer his phone that had no battery anymore.

All alone.

Suddenly the young man stood up and realized the silliness of his idea.

Ryo has sent him a message to warn him… that meant he could hold his phone in one hand and write with the other, so he also had battery.

He should have just turned it off…

Honestly, right now, all alone in the middle of his living room, he just had the feeling to be a perfect idiot…

Yamashita was sitting at his piano for hours now, desperately looking for an inspiration that didn’t come.

He was upset.

The previous night left him a bitter taste. He became crazy and he didn’t know what to do with this kind of feelings.

He was so used to be the one the people wanted to be with, that to be in the other place was just… new.

New and freaky.

Then he heard his horrible phone ringing. As he thought it was Ryo he quickly picked up.

  • “Yes?
  • Pi!
  • Jin…
  • How are you?
  • I should be the one asking that! Have you slept well?
  • Like a baby! I feel perfect!
  • Great…
  • Yeah. Well I’m not calling about that, I just had a message from Tegoshi, he will not come to work with you tonight, he isn’t home the whole week-end.
  • … Oh… ok…
  • Pi… is everything alright?
  • Yeah yeah don’t worry… I’m just a little exhausted that’s all. I’m going to rest a little right now, so I’ll talk to you later Jin.”

And then he hanged up leaving Jin kind of speechless regarding the talk they just had.

In his leaving room, Yamashita hadn’t moved at all since he broke the conversation with Jin.

Tegoshi was not there the whole week-end.

Ryo too.

He started to believe less and less in coincidences.

Everything was clear; Ryo was taking him for a fool.

Well, he could have a nice week-end with his new boyfriend, he didn’t care! Yeah, he didn’t need him … he could stay with his gay friends, in gay bars with his gay boyfriend… he didn’t care after all!

He definitely didn’t care…

So why did it bothered him so much?

* * *

When Jin Akanishi came at his best friend’s door, he heard a huge noise in the apartment. So he rang the bell and discovered a tousled Yamashita.

  • “What are you doing here Jin?
  • Well I was boring alone at home so I thought I could come by!
  • Really now is not the right time…
  • Oh come on you’re not going to send me back now?!
  • Yeah but still… I was quiet right now.
  • Quiet throwing stuff on the floor, he said looking at the broken remote control in the corner of the room, Pi, what’s your problem?
  • I don’t have any problem! I’m exhausted, I don’t really want to talk and you come and bother me!
  • Bother you! Oh come on! Honestly do you know a lot of friends as nice as I am to endure your bad temper!
  • My bad temper, oh please you should look at yourself first for God sakes! I am quiet and you come like that…
  • Pi, if I were you I’d stop right now before going to far…”

Jin’s look had taken a severe expression and Yamashita could do nothing but lower his eyes. He knew that Jin was right. After all he had no excuse except his anger to get worked up on him.

  • “Sorry…
  • It’s ok my sweetie Pi… I still love you! By the way, Ryo is not there?
  • No, he is gone the whole week-end…
  • Oh…
  • Mmh…”

The two friends sat on the couch after Yamashita had given Jin a coffee. They were watching stupid shows on TV (Yamashita had repaired his remote control), listening to music. Just for a few hours it was like they were back to old time.

They were laughing, talking about their memories, when Jin turned to his friend letting his smile slowly fade. Then Pi turned his eyes and looked right in front of him but nothing particular.

  • “Jin…
  • Yes Pi.
  • I have a question for you…
  • I’m listening.
  • Well… I wanted to know…
  • Yes?
  • Have you…
  • Have you ever been attracted by a man?”

He had said the last sentence very fast, as if it had been hard to say, his eyes avoiding his best friend’s. Jin had stopped all movement and slowly turned to him.

  • “Pi… why are you asking me that?
  • Nothing… just to know…
  • Just to know huh?
  • Mmh…”

Jin sat back on the couch and seemed to be thinking for a while, then suddenly he turned and leaned to Yamashita who could just step back to avoid their faces to crash. He felt his breath on his skin, very close.

  • ‘Jin… what are you doing?

The said Jin looked at his best friend a few second before slowly rolling away, a big smile on the lips.

  • “Nothing, I was just checking something!
  • Ok… and what?
  • Well, I wanted to be sure that you weren’t attracted to me!
  • Oh my God you’re stupid…
  • No… But who knows?”

Relieved, Jin got up and said:

  • “Pi, come with me.
  • What? Where?
  • Just follow me.”

And he took his friend wherever he wanted to. They walked for a long time, Yamashita tried desperately to know where they were going. Jin just had a little smile on the lips.

Then he stopped in front of a small Ramen restaurant. This shop was so much “not” Jin that Yamashita would have never thought they’ll go in this kind of place together. Looking at his best friend he found that he looked… strange, a mix between excitement and fear, he seemed stressful but happy.

Entering the restaurant they went to the bar and sat.

Yamashita looked at the menu, hoping to find the answers to his questions in it. But except ramens, ramens and ramens there really was nothing more… Jin asked him if he knew what he wanted to eat. Pi looked at him and answered: “I don’t know… ramens!” “Shut up” whispered Jin with a big smile.

  • “Sirs have you made your choice? Oh, Akanishi-san hello!
  • Hello Kamenashi-kun.
  • I’m happy to see you, how are you?
  • I’m fine, you?
  • I’m ok, I… you came with a friend?
  • Oh… yeah, let me introduce you my best friend Yamashita Tomohisa
  • Nice to meet you, I’m Kamenashi Kazuya.”

The two young men bowed. The pianist looked at the waiter’s face. Nothing to say, he was really charming! A beautiful face, beautiful eyes, brown hat that felt beautifully on his face. Beautiful.

They kept talking for a few minutes then the waiter took their order and went to the kitchen.

As soon as he was not in sight anymore, Jin breathed a sigh of relieve and said to Yamashita, his eyes not leaving the kitchen’s door.

  • “You know what Pi, he is the love of my life.”

The young man slowly turned his head, looking at his best friend who had lowered his head.

  • “I wish he could just realize it or I should have the balls to tell him.”

Yamashita Tomohisa was now looking at the one who had been his closest friend for so long. He would have never thought that Jin could be attracted to a man. Well this is also something he would have never believed from himself so, honestly, today, nothing really amazed him.

So he made a sweet smile to Jin, putting his hand on his shoulder.

  • “Jin, why didn’t you tell me?
  • I don’t know, I think I was scared.
  • Huh? Afraid of what?
  • Well, I thought you wouldn’t like it… you’d be disgusted… I don’t know!
  • Jin… you’re my best friend, you’re like a brother to me… how could I judge you?
  • Well…
  • Idiot…”

The two friends shared a smile and Jin looked again to the kitchen.

  • “Jin, you have to tell him.
  • Mmh… I surely do…
  • No, you have to!
  • And what about you?
  • Me?
  • Yeah, how long have you known?
  • Oh… well… I’m not really sure yet.
  • Oh… However…
  • What?
  • Well, I think that it’s oblivious.
  • What? You think? But how?
  • It’s oblivious that’s all! It’s about looks, attentions…
  • But…
  • No really, you know, there are signs.
  • Signs? But I haven’t done anything!
  • Well no. But you know, you don’t have much to do!
  • I thought I was discreet.
  • You… wait a second Pi. What are you talking about?
  • I’m… talking about… me.
  • What??? You???
  • Who do you thought I was talking about Jin?
  • Ryo.
  • R… no! Jin I was talking about me!
  • About… you…” To part 2!



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