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Share - Chapter 7 (Part 2)

So many questions… he simply didn’t paid attention anymore when he felt his student’s body pressing against his own, literally cutting his breath off when their more than awakened manhood met though their underwear. At least now he was sure that Yamashita desired him. But this contact, though exhilarating did not seemed to be enough, what he wanted now was his bare skin against him; he wanted to feel him more.

Reversing their position, he stood above Tomohisa, and kissed him full on the lips, enjoying the touch of his tongue, the taste of his saliva, the moans he was hearing with his increasingly indecent caresses.

Ryo was above the younger, astride his thighs. He was watching him intently. His hands went from his hair and descended gently along his temples, his cheeks, his neck… then his right hand rested on his heart and down along his body to finish his run along the elastic of his underwear. He was now watching him panting under his body, stuck in the new sensations he was making him feel. It had never been so shared.

Gently, he slid the underwear to finally reveal the beauty of his student in its entirety. At this very moment, Yamashita could see amazement in his coach’s eyes. They reflected an emotion he had never seen. Tenderly his raised his hand and caressed Ryo’s cheek. This seemed to awaken the young man who looked up the latter.

  • “Ryo… are you ok?
  • Mmh. It’s just… I would have never thought… you’d be here…
  • I’m here… I’m not planning to move… unless… until you tell me to!”

He gave his elder an implied look, which made them both laugh. Then Ryo lowered his eyes towards Yamashita’s more than awakened manhood again; he took a few second of reflection as if he didn’t know where to start.

Without hesitating more, he started to go down the body offered to him, allowing his lips to taste the unique flavor that was finally his, picking here and there sighs, chills… Then when he faced the erect member, he couldn’t repress a groan when he let his tongue lick it all the way back, tearing from the younger a long moan of pleasure. He had never felt so excited to please someone before. It made him want to drive the young man under him crazy. Suddenly he took the whole member in mouth and began to suck it. Tomohisa had closed his eyes as the emotion he felt was so strong. Slowly, Ryo drove him to his climax, accelerating and slowing down when it was needed, listening to his student’s breath, making him dependent on his caresses. When the younger could not contain himself anymore, he came into his coach’s mouth in a deep moan.

He went back along his sweating and panting body and kissed every inch of skin he crossed until he got to the young man’s tempting mouth, taking it back in a passionate kiss.

Tomohisa had never felt that. A pleasure so shared, the desire to be just as one with someone. It was so strong, that without even realizing it he was all excited again. Ryo looked down at “the zone” and grinned. Then he became serious again and rolled so Tomohisa was above him again. Raising his head, he kissed his collarbone and re attracted the younger towards him so he could mark his neck, then he whispered in the hollow of his ear.

  • “Tomo… come…
  • But… I don’t…
  • Come… come…”

He kept saying this word, again and again, his voice more and more sensual, attracting him until he couldn’t take it anymore and settled between his thighs. With his hands he raised his legs and rolled then around his hips, and then Ryo did a slight movement, as a silent invitation in addition to the word he whispered. Then Tomohisa felt their member touched and he just stopped thinking. He let himself being carried away by the passion he felt. Gently, he entered Ryo, hearing a deep moan of well-being. Finally they were one and the eye contact between them had not ceased.

It was too good. As if time had suspended and finally let them enjoy their first embrace after so much hesitation and questions… a pure moment of happiness. They were making love, finally united.

After having regaining his breath against the sensation a simple penetration had caused, the younger began to move deep inside his elder. Their voices rose in unison, simply taken in the happiness they felt at that moment.

Ryo was looking at him. He loved so much this man who had succeed in making him want to go out again, taking care of his rehearsals, open up to the world. Because right after they first met, they knew that they were both hiding. And it’s together that they had learned to show what they felt. So it was only logical that it had ended this way, no, that it began this way… probably… he hoped so much.

He was dragged from his reflections by a scream from his own throat that he hadn’t felt coming. Yamashita, with his moves, had found his sensitive point and kept pushing against it again and again, making Ryo react again and again. His voice filled the room, soon joined by his lover’s. Pleasure had taken them and didn’t seem ready to release them. The younger’s movements became more erratic until Ryo came between their stomachs with a whimper soon joined by a panting Tomohisa who felt on him and pressed their bodies against each other.

It was like they couldn’t catch their breath, lost in each other’s neck, kissing again, leaving marks as if to remember that it was real. They were trying to resurface after so much shared pleasure.

Yamashita then sank down beside his lover and pulled him in his arms, a hand though his hair and the other focusing on his side, his breathing still jerky. Ryo nestled in the crook of Tomohisa’s arms and his left hand caressed his chest, slowly letting himself fall asleep, soothed. He heard the younger’s sweet voice whispered:

  • “Finally we’ll be able to fall asleep and then wake up together.”

* * *

When he opened his eyes, Ryo knew exactly where and with whom he was. He felt his presence behind him, his arms around his body and his breath in his neck.

Straightening up, he turned to look at him, not daring to believe in it, but there he was, quietly sleeping, his black hair in front of his eyes.

Stretching out a trembling hand, he didn’t dare to touch him, already fearing his reaction when he’d wake up.

What if he had regrets? What if he said it was a mistake? How could he survive to that? He was so afraid to be disappointed.

So he preferred to turn away and started to get up. But a hand came out of the sheets, grabbed his wrist and drew him back in the bed. Then he found himself looking into Yamashita’s eyes, the latter was watching him intently.

  • “Morning.
  • Morning…”

They smiled at each other and then the younger pulled him in his embrace and kissed him tenderly, letting their lips and hands discover the other’s body again with desire and sensual caresses they didn’t want to ignore anymore.

No, he hadn’t forgotten, he didn’t regret… he had liked it, he had wanted it. And so he had done it… finally. And it had been wonderful.

Ryo felt so happy, he would have cried. He felt the younger’s hands trembled. Straightening he looked at him questioningly.

  • “I’m so happy Ryo…
  • Tomo…
  • But… you’re gonna leave right?
  • Wh…?
  • You’re going to tell me we shouldn’t have done that huh?
  • What? W… why would I say that?
  • Yuya…
  • What Yuya?
  • Well you’re with Yuya…
  • What the hell makes you believe that?”

They were now facing each other, a sad look on the face.

  • “Well, first there is the way you two look at each other, then this week-end you two went away together and last night at the club you kept staring at each other…
  • Tomo…
  • I know I shouldn’t have hit on you…
  • You have regrets?
  • Not a second… I have never wanted something so much.
  • Then everything is ok.
  • But…
  • I’m not with Yuya.
  • Yes, there has been looks, yes Yuya is attracted to me and yes I almost said yes. But the things did not exactly happen the way he wanted.
  • Oh…
  • Mmh…”


  • “Yuya, Ryo said gently escaping, I don’t think this is a good idea.
  • I thought you were free, he answered tenderly.
  • I am, Ryo said after a while.
  • Then what’s the problem…

And he put back his lips against Ryo’s, deepening the kiss he had so much dreamed of…

… until Ryo pushed him away again more firmly.

  • “Yuya… I’m sorry.
  • Why don’t you want me? You don’t like me?
  • That’s not the problem. You’re a very good looking man and you’re sweet…
  • But…
  • But… it’s impossible between us…
  • Why, said Tegoshi still trying to get closer to the latter.
  • Because I don’t love, answered Ryo disengaging.
  • That’s not a problem… it will come.
  • No Yuya, it won’t.
  • But…
  • It won’t that’s all.
  • I’m sorry… I’ll go now…”

Getting out of the car, Ryo headed to his flat when he heard Yuya’s voice in the night.

  • “You really think he is worth it Ryo?”

A sad smile came to Ryo’s face when he entered the building.

  • “If only you knew, he thought.”


  • “Then I don’t know where he was this week-end but I was at my parent’s.
  • Oh…
  • And as for last night, well you have to admit that he’s very talented no?
  • Yeah…
  • Well then when he’s singing, I find it quite fascinating.
  • Ok…”

Yamashita didn’t know what to say anymore. On one hand he was delighted to hear that Ryo wasn’t with Tegoshi. The meant he was free. But on the other hand he felt terribly ashamed to have thought such things.

He had the feeling that he had been caught jealous and he didn’t like it. He was dragged from his thoughts by Ryo who came to tighten against him.

  • “But I’m happy to see this reaction.
  • Why?
  • That means you’re jealous.”

The young man tightened his grip before rolling on his coach and look at him.

  • “It’s not that I’m jealous, it’s…
  • Hum?
  • Well… I…
  • Yeah?
  • I want you to be mine ok! Happy?”

The elder couldn’t help but smile. He tenderly gave him a kiss that grew more and more intense. When they got breathless he whispered.

  • “I’m more than happy Tomo… I’m ecstatic.”

Giving him a tender smile, he kissed him again and again he let his hands re discover the other’s body. A body he didn’t want to live without anymore… Listening to his sighs, his moans. He bit his neck before going to his ear and whisper.

  • “I’m yours Tomo…
  • Hmmm…
  • I’ve been yours for long…
  • Han…
  • I’ve been yours since the day we met…
  • Ryoooo…
  • I love you…”


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it was so good~!
moar plisss hahahha

You want some more????
Then... I'll give you more... in the next chapter !!!!

This was so beautiful and intense <3 Especially their kiss - it was just... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so intense and real and wonderful <3
Thanks for sharing this! So happy that they finally got together <3

awwwwwwww i love this

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