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Share - Chapter 7 (Part 1)
Chapitre 7

Title : Share - Chapter 7
Pairing : Ryopi
Author : Me
Beta : None and please excuse me as english is not my mother language.
Raiting : NC 17
Genre : AU Romance
Disclaimer : Characters are not mine... unfortunately..

Yeah!! Finally posting this chapter! Enjoy...

There they were, against each other at this piano and Yamashita didn’t want this moment to end so he turned to Ryo, passed his hand behind his neck and pulled him against his body.

Finally, he felt complete when their lips met in a tender kiss.

Finally he was kissing him.

Finally he felt their lips against each other without it to be an accident, without one of them to be dead drunk.

He was just kissing him because he had wanted it.

And it was so good…

But it became soon not enough.

Yamashita Tomohisa wanted more, many more.

As his left hand was still on the piano, the right one started caressing his elder’s neck, bringing him closer and closer.

Suddenly Ryo raised his head, looking at his student questioningly. Giving him a wonderful smile, Tomohisa murmured “hush” amazingly sensual before bringing him closer and kissing him again.

Ryo didn’t know if this kiss was a good idea, he was questioning himself about the reasons that made his student act like that. But he had so much dreamed of it, he had so much hoped someday he’d kiss him like that. He just couldn’t let go this wonderful man’s embrace. He just wanted to taste it a little bit more… just a little bit more…

He felt Yamashita’s teeth chewing his lower lip, as a silent invitation. Then he gave him access and their tongues came to touch, discovering themselves in a languid caress. Every time their lips moved a few millimeters away from each other, they felt an awful lack deep inside their bodies which caused them to meet again in a new kiss always more devastating. Tomohisa’s hands never ceased to discover the latter’s body. His lips left his mouth to go down along his jaw and linger in his neck. He couldn’t help whispering as he kissed him.

  • “You’re driving me crazy…
  • Mmh…
  • I thought I was becoming insane… because of you…
  • Tomo…
  • Ryo…”

The coach enjoyed this moment but something was bothering him. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking that Yamashita had kissed him after having seeing him play… piano…

Suddenly he raised his head and went away from his student, looking at him. The younger stood still, without understanding.

  • “I’m not a pianist anymore.”

Tomohisa looked at him surprised.

  • “What are you talking about?
  • It’s not because you saw me play that I’ll start again. I’m not a pianist anymore… the one you think you’re seeing doesn’t exist anymore…”

Yamashita took Ryo’s hand in his own and gently kissed it, caressing his cheek, he whispered.

  • “Ryo… I see you… I only see you… all the time… all day long… in my dreams… you’re everywhere…”

Then suddenly, he closed the piano and put his hand on his elder’s hips. Grasping the edges of Ryo’s shirt he gently pulled it before allowing his eyes to appreciate what he had just revealed. He lifted his coach and sat him on the piano, while he remained seated on his stool between Ryo’s legs, looking at him intently. Passing his hand through his student’s hair, he brought Yamashita to his chest and the younger let his tongue cover the skin he found, collecting here and there moans of pleasure.

Completely submitted to his junior’s caresses Ryo slid until sating on his student. There he took the opportunity to pull off his shirt, undoing the buttons one to one and letting his hands run over his skin, slowly.

Then, when the garment had finished its run on the ground, they suddenly clung to each other, a groan crossing their lips. The well-being they felt at this very moment was just indescribable, as a sort of appeasement to finally have their hands against the body they’d been craving for.

Suddenly, Ryo put his pelvis against Yamashita’s, making him pant. He wanted more, he desired his student so much… His hands touching his skin, as if to memorize it, as if he was afraid that it would only happen once, anticipating a rude awakening…

Tomohisa, feeling Ryo’s body sticking to his own, swiftly got up. The coach’s legs twined around his hips immediately, not wanting to break contact and the younger looked at him, seeking the answer to his implied question. “Your room” was all Ryo murmured and he directly went where he had been told to.

Entering the room, he gently laid him on his bed and looked at him embarrassed.

Ryo was lost in his desire for his student. He was looking at him, unable to take his eyes off the perfectness of his body. And the more he looked at him, the less he understood how he didn’t jump on him before. How had he managed to settle for a kiss? How had he resisted to his body that was just calling him today, to his eyes, his lips, his smile, him…

Nothing but him.

Than he saw the discomfort in his eyes and answered to it with a sweet smile. Sitting up on his knees, he went up to him and wrapped his arms around his neck. Getting closer to his hear, he whispered.

  • “Don’t worry…”

The younger looked at him intensively.

  • “Don’t worry… I’ll show you…”

He gave him a sweet smile and took his lips back. Their tongues found each other again automatically and their hands resumed their indecent caresses. Ryo, still kneeling on the bed, let his hands do down along the younger’s torso, snatching here and there moans of pleasure, then he stopped at the button of his jeans.

Yamashita held his breath and looked at his coach. The latter gave him a tender smile and let his lips kiss his shoulders, his torso while his hands were unfastening his pants, slowly pulling it down his legs. Once the youngest was in underpants, he looked at Ryo, uncomfortable.

He was in his bedroom, almost naked with a man.

He was!

Him, who wasn’t counting the number of girls he had slept with, was with a guy.

  • “Tomo…”

His coach’s voice woke him up and when he looked at him and what he saw left him speechless.

Ryo had lain down on his bed. His bare torso heaving over his breath, his pupils were dilated and he never took his eyes, revealing the younger all the desire that consumed him. Even if he perfectly knew what was happening, Yamashita couldn’t look at anything else.

  • “Tomo… undress me…”

Simply hearing that, Yamashita’s whole body shivered.


It wasn’t just a man.

It was Ryo.

And he terribly desired him.

Putting a knee on the mattress, he came closer to him. His hand rested on his hip and hitched up his body up to his lips. He felt Ryo’s trembling breath on his fingers and it excited him.

It excited him as he had never been excited his whole life.

It was as if their bodies were calling, understanding and answering each other without a word.

Nothing had ever been so obvious.

And it’s this evidence which completely broke his last hesitations.

He chose to listen to his desires and let himself being carried away by what Ryo made him feel. His mouth went on the belly of the eldest pulling him a groan of pure pleasure. At his navel, Tomohisa left his tongue and teeth wander, watching the reaction it provoked. His hand rested on Ryo’s pants and began to unbutton it slowly. As the garment fell down along his legs, Ryo felt Yamashita’s mouth going down with it on his groin, thighs, knees, calves…

Then, when he finished, he made the other way and allowed his tongue to melt with his kisses. He wanted to hear him moan, he wanted to drive him as crazy as he was. The oldest had totally sunken into the pleasure he felt, completely submitted to his… lover? Could he really call him like that? Was it going to be that simple? to part 2


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