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Share - Chapter 8 (Part 2)

After a moment of silence, where Yamashita could see how lost Tegoshi seemed, he saw him turn to look at him, a smile on the lips. He went to the elder and grabbed the cup of coffee he had just placed on the bar. Sitting on a stool, he looked at the dark liquid, seeming to find a huge interest in it.

Tomohisa had no idea what to say. Silence came between for several minutes.

Then the elder stood up and walked to his piano. There, he played his latest creations and ended with the song composed and written a few hours earlier. Tegoshi was intently listening with eyes closed. When the song ended, he raised his head and glanced at the pianist with teary eyes.

  • “It’s… very beautiful…
  • Really… you like it?
  • Yeah, really Yamashita-kun, it’s a very beautiful song.
  • I’m so happy you like it, Ryo and I have pretty much worked on it.”

The younger’s gaze became more intense and Tomohisa felt uncomfortable. He was so excited about this song that he had forgotten Ryo was not an easy subject.

He was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts by a burst of laughter, from Tegoshi, a sad laugh.

  • “How could I have even thought that I could interfere between you two…”

Tomohisa’s breath was abruptly cut off. Puzzled, he looked at Tegoshi and whispered:

  • “Yuya…
  • No, really, I’m so stupid…
  • I’m sorry…
  • Really Yamashita-kun?”

Tegoshi’s look had become inquisitive.

  • “…
  • Are you fooling around with him?
  • Huh?
  • Is he just a game to you?
  • No, said a panicked Yamashita.
  • You don’t love him?
  • Yes I do…
  • So what are you sorry for?”

The two young men were facing each other and suddenly the younger made him a huge smile, this time sincere.

  • “You did what you had to do… and you did it for the best reasons.”

Then he quietly put his hand on the elder’s shoulder and invited him to start again the rehearsal.

Tomohisa concentrated and gave the new song’s lyrics to Tegoshi who started to sing. It was at this moment that Ryo came out of the bathroom, lulled by the sweet melody he had created with his lover.

Their first real collaboration.

What had led to the wonderful night they had spent.

But that was not just a wonderful night… no… the fact was that it was just a culmination of what they felt for each other.

He would nevertheless admit that this night had been perfect and that he was expecting many more like this!

Sitting in the couch, facing the two other, he closed his eyes and listened to his creation coming to life in Tegoshi’s throat. There really was nothing to tell, his voice was absolutely fantastic.

This song was for him.

Then the three boys talked a little about the song’s arrangement, Ryo sitting next to Tomohisa to give a few modifications. Ryo never touched the piano, he just gave instructions to his student who immediately played was he said.

Yamashita’s phone rang. Giving a distracted look on the screen while he was playing, he couldn’t help but raise his hands from the keyboard, giving Ryo a little smile.

  • “I’m sorry but it’s Jin… It’s been two days since he called me…
  • Yeah yeah answer! We are not rehearsing right now! Said a very mocking Ryo.”

Tomohisa quickly answered his phone. Ryo couldn’t help but think that his lover looked like a girl when his was on the phone with his best friend. He could hear him chuckle while heading to his bedroom and it made him laugh… because he still found him gorgeous. He was really hopeless!

When they found each other alone in the room, everything became uncomfortably silent between the two men. Then Tegoshi started to talk.

  • “Ryo… I’m sorry.
  • Huh? About what?
  • To have kind of harassed you…
  • Oh… don’t worry! Answered a laughing Ryo. You didn’t harass me…
  • I kind of did…
  • Well… yeah a little… but…
  • Yes?
  • Well, let’s just say it wasn’t that unpleasant…
  • I mean… I was kind of feeling bad… closed… and see the effects I had on you… well maybe it reassured me and…
  • And my attitude towards you had finally made this dear Yamashita-kun react.
  • Yes…”

Yuya gave a sweet smile to Ryo.

  • “Listen Ryo, I am happy for you. Well, I would have rather liked you to like me… But it wasn’t me and it would have never been obviously so… if you’re happy… then it’s good.
  • Yuya…
  • Because I like you Ryo… and not just like… that I mean! I appreciate the person you are. You are generous and your friendship is important to me. I don’t want what happened to interfere between us.
  • I don’t want that either…
  • Then everything is ok! Let’s just stop here and be friends.
  • Yuya… that’s what we already are…”

The younger made a huge smile and they kept chatting for a few minutes before Yamashita reappeared again in the living room. He told them Jin was going to stop by and started rehearsing again.

Hours passed and soon the night felt on the city, reminding Tegoshi he had plans for the evening and that he had to go home. So he went away after having told his friends the song was perfect again.

When Yamashita closed the door, he turned to see Ryo sitting on the piano. His lover was looking at the keys, his right hand brushing them. He felt him hesitant but he also felt his desire to play. The elder was so focused on the instrument that he didn’t even realize that his student had sat on his left and was watching him.

  • “Ryo…
  • Huh?”

The older started, resting immediately his right hand on his knee. Yamashita tied his fingers to his and laid it on the piano.

  • “Play for me…
  • But…
  • I don’t care what you’ll play, I just want you to play something, whatever you want, anything.
  • Tomo…
  • You like it right? Then not doing it? You don’t have to play in concerts to be a pianist!
  • Hmm…”

Slowly, Ryo started to play a melody with his right hand, sweet melody Tomohisa had never heard. But he liked it. Slowly, he put his left hand on the piano and looked at his lover who murmured him the next chord.

Then, as the previous day, they played together, sharing their mutual passion, uniting in the most beautiful situation for them. Time seemed to have stopped. Yamashita was so proud to see what no one saw anymore. Ryo felt as if the world belonged to them, and this he could only felt when looking into the younger’s dark gaze.

Then as the previous day, the heat came back and they kissed full of passion, letting their tongues caress each other, taste each other, again.

Ryo held his lover and made him sit on his lap this time taking the lead. His hands were running under Tomohisa’s shirt, liking the shivers his fingers created, enjoying the moans his lover whispered in his ear. Their pelvises were rocking against each other in a sweet torture always making them want more. The elder rolled his student’s legs around his hips and took him to the couch where he delicately putted him down. Raising amused eyes on him, Tomohisa said:

  • “Small but…
  • I am not small!
  • No but you’re haaaann…”

Ryo had silenced his lover by putting his hand on his manhood and starting a back and forth movement. Looking at Tomohisa, he could see his eyes lost in the pleasure he gave him. He loved to look at him when he was in that state. Slowly, he started to unbuttoned his jeans and took it off from him. He was now kneeling between Yamashita’s legs and taking him off his underwear. Gently, he touched the skin of his thighs and took his member in mouth snatching from his lover a deep groan of pleasure.

The younger could no longer think about anything. All he felt was Ryo’s lips around him and his hips rolling to meet him.

When the pleasure was too great, Tomohisa grabbed his lover’s shoulders and made him stand up while taking away both his clothes and his shirt. Sticking to him, Yamashita made their manhood met in an unbearable touch. Then he turned him to cling on his back, playfully stroking his chest, pinching his nipples, enjoying the adorable sounds coming out of Ryo’s mouth.

They weren’t thinking anymore, they stopped thinking to feeling.

Ryo regained consciousness when he suddenly felt Tomohisa entering him, making him cry out in pure bliss. His knees on the couch, his lover behind him, whispering words of love, kissing his neck wrapping his hand around his manhood to give him more pleasure… nothing could be more wonderful than what he had to feel at that very moment.


Yamashita was absolutely incapable of thinking, too lost in the sensations his lover’s body was giving him. Everything was more beautiful, stronger… more everything! He loved him so much. He lost himself in his desire and Ryo’s moans.

But something happened.

Perhaps a different moan, a body differently tensing up, a hand that grabs a wrist of the other or a sound like a sob, Yamashita couldn’t tell what it was but he felt that things weren’t going on as they should have. Suddenly he broke away from the elder who collapsed on the couch.

  • “Ryo, Ryo, what’s going on Ryo!!!”

The crisis the oldest was having was so strong, he was no able to answer. The pain seemed to start from his hand to his chest, crashing him so much he could only feel suffering. Tears were rolling on his cheeks without him even noticing it.

Tomohisa was completely panicked. He quickly got up and went into his coach’s bag, looking for his medicine. His hands were shaking and the fact that he didn’t found them wasn’t helping. Raising a panicked look to Ryo, he realized that he couldn’t do anything without his lover’s pills. Then he rushed on his jeans and grabbed his phone.

* * *

Silence was driving him crazy.

It was to quiet, there was no noise.


The void.

Round him and in him.

He felt empty.

Without him, there was nothing, nothing mattered.

And he felt stupid.

Stupid and totally useless.

He knew he was there, right behind this door. But he couldn’t go. The doctors had asked him to wait.

So he was waiting in that corridor, alone, in the middle of the night while Ryo was suffering without him on his sides and that drove him crazy. He wanted to scream… or cry… or both… Without realizing it, he wiped the tears that had just rolled on his cheeks. He was angry, that’s it, ang…

  • “Pi!”

The relief to see his boyfriend running to him snatched a complaint from him as he was getting up and rushing towards him to throw himself in his arms. The elder automatically wrapped his arms around his best friend.

  • “Jin!
  • Pi what’s going on? How is Ryo?
  • He… he made a crisis…
  • A crisis?
  • Yeah, Ryo… he’s sick… that’s why he doesn’t play anymore.
  • Oh… but…”

And then Tomohisa explained Jin everything, the crisis, the pills, how he had found out and what Ryo has told him about.

  • “But Pi…
  • Hmm?
  • How come Ryo didn’t have his medication with him if he needed it?
  • Well… let’s just say he hadn’t planned to spend the night at my place…
  • Ah! You did it! That’s great!
  • Yeah but…
  • But nothing, calm down! You told me he made a crisis. Then all we have to do is wait for the doctor to calm down the pain and then everything will be fine so we wait.”

Then Jin sat against the wall and pulled Yamashita in his arms. Together they waited.

After several hours, a doctor came, and Tomohisa went to him.

  • “Yamashita-kun?
  • Yes.
  • You’re a friend of Nishikido-kun right?
  • Yes, is he alright?
  • Yes don’t worry, we gave him medication. He is resting now.
  • You’re… you’re sure he’s not suffering?
  • I promise you.”

The doctor smiled, apparently touched to see how much the young man cared for the other.

  • “Yamashita-kun, stop tormenting yourself, I swear he is resting and he doesn’t suffer.
  • I believe you… but… you know… he is in so much pain during those crises. I don’t know what to do to give him relief and it drives me insane… If only there was a solution…
  • … Well… maybe there is one.”

* * *

A few hours later, Tomohisa could join Ryo in his room. When he saw him his heart jumped in his chest and he couldn’t help but run to him.

As soon as the elder saw him, he gave him a faint smile and moved to give him enough place in the bed for the pianist to join him. Yamashita happily complied, nestling in the sft embrace of the man he loved.

Nishikido raised his lover’s face and gave him a tender kiss.

  • “Tomo…
  • Ryo I was so scared…
  • Don’t worry, I feel better, look.”

And he moved his fingers in front of Yamashita’s face who couldn’t stop a smile.

  • “You’re not in pain, you swear?
  • I promise. It’s my fault; I should have taken my pills with me.
  • No it’s because of me! I should have thought about it! I should have driven you to your place to take them. But I was too much focused on…
  • … On the same as me so stop! There was something else to think about that’s it! Don’t blame yourself for that. You have nothing to feel guilty for.”

Slowly he kissed him again before looking at him and whisper:

  • “And… I really hope we’ll be able to finish what we started!”

Tomohisa blushed when he heard those words and he gave a huge smile to Ryo.

  • “Yeah and with what the doctor told me, we shouldn’t have problems anymore!
  • What do you mean?
  • Well the doctor told me about the surgery then after that everything will be fine. Honestly Ryo I’m surprised you didn’t know there was a surgery beca…
  • I know there is.
  • Oh! That’s good then! But why didn’t you tell me about it?
  • Because I do not intend to have surgery.”


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