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Share - Chapter 8 BONUS (part 2)

I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him again; I wanted to feel his body, his warmth, his softness.

  • “Jin… you know, you don’t have to…
  • Kazuya…”

He raised his head and looked at me. Then a soft smile came on his lips.

  • “I think I have never enjoyed that much the simple fact to hear my name...”

Then he sensually licked my lips.

  • “How do you want me to hesitate after that… you’re just so…
  • Cute?
  • No.
  • Pretty?
  • Jin…
  • Adorable?
  • Exciting…”

An uncontrolled groan crossed my lips as I let myself completely taken. I almost realized we were going up the stairs that I was already withdrawn from my jacket and my shirt was being unbuttoned.

The pleasure I felt was so strong I wasn’t even looking for more to analyze he sensations my fingers felt when they brushed his skin.

His hands undid my belt and with a single pulse, I felt switching back and falling on the bed. He threw himself on my jeans and lowered it quickly. He took care of my shoes and socks before finally being able to take off the damn pants. At that moment he straightened up and I saw him detailed the curves of my body before looking at me and whisper:

  • “Gorgeous…”

Then he took off his clothes to find himself out in underwear too. Then, when our body touched a powerful moan left our mouth on the same time.

I felt both our manhood touching and it drove me crazy; on one hand because this kind of sensation was totally new for me and on the other hand because feeling those underwear between us was torturing me.

His mouth was lapping my throat and I couldn’t do anything else but moan. My hands ran along his back and focused on his underwear’s elastic which I didn’t dare to take off. He seemed to understand my hesitation and his lips started to go down on my body, leaving kisses and marks.

When he got to my underwear, he didn’t hesitate and took it off in one swift movement. I was now naked in front of him and I think I’ve never been this excited. Then he looked at me with his eyes full of desire and crossed my uncomfortable gaze.

  • “Jin, you’re beautiful, you don’t have to blush.
  • Kazuya…
  • Trust me…
  • Mmh.”

Then he took off his last clothe and started to kiss my whole body again. The more I saw him go down, the less I could react as I couldn’t believe what was going to happen to me.

When I felt his tongue on me I thought I was gonna scream from pleasure. Yet I knew this kind of activity! But I don’t know why, with him, everything was more… more!

I could hear nothing but my sighs, my moans and his breath on me, hardly the sound of an opening and closing drawer…

Suddenly I felt something cold touching a zone no one had ever touched and despite my surprise I couldn’t even react.

It was weird… weird and quite uncomfortable and yet, as it came from him I didn’t want it to stop. Soon I felt another finger and I definitely lost my mind when he touched an unknown area. The incredible things I felt with his fingers and his mouth drove me crazy.

I was just sensations.

I had never experienced so much pleasure during my entire life.

I wanted to feel more.

  • “Kazuya…
  • Mmh?
  • Do it… please… I beg you… now…”

He raised himself and I heard him look once more in his drawer before coming back between my legs while keeping kissing me and finally, after a few moments I felt him entering me.

I had never experienced pleasure in pain but I have to admit that at this very moment, what I felt left me breathless.

For the first time someone was making love to me.

And oh God I loved it.

Our moans were melting. I couldn’t see anything but his eyes that didn’t left me, I couldn’t hear anything but his voice whispering words of love, his breath that was as irregular as mine.

I felt his rhythm becoming faster, every movement waking up this special spot he was the only one to know and that was about to make me scream. His hand found my manhood and started to stroke it. In about a few movements, I totally lost control and came between our bodies. As soon as he felt it, his body automatically reacted and he joined me.

I never wanted to let him go.

Yet he went away and came back a few seconds later with a damp cloth. Gently he washed me. As soon as it was done, he took me in his arms and we fell asleep immediately.

* * *

When I woke up, I had totally lost time.

I felt myself in his arms and nothing else did count.

But I was hungry.

So much!

So I slowly tried to get up to go in the kitchen but I was quickly stopped when two arms took me back in their embrace.

  • “You’re trying to go away?
  • No, I’m hungry!
  • Oh… if I were you, I wouldn’t stand up.
  • Why?
  • Well… let’s just say that regarding our recent activities… you might not be able to stand up for a few hours!
  • Oh…
  • Yeah, let me do it.”

I saw him stand up and the simple fact to see his naked body gave me new idea I was definitely going to realize later…

When he came back with coffee and things to eat, I slowly sat and we took our first breakfast together. After that he gave me a lower back massage, to relieve me he said. If this was going to be my treatment every time then I didn’t care to act the same part my whole life!

With him, everything was simple. Magical. I was already so bounded to him.

So I let things happen! That wasn’t very hard as I love people to take care of me! If I had to tell all the things I made Pi do since we’ve known each other! Between breakfasts on bed because I was sick or the massages he gave me because I was sick (…) yes I’m often sick… And there was Kazuya who made everything without me even asking!

Two days passed very quickly. I was only doing very simple activities: eat, sex, drink, sex, sleep… and sex! You know, in the beginning of a relationship you have to learn to know each other, so let’s just say we really wanted to know more about the other!

The only thing I did was to take my phone and call Pi because honestly we hadn’t talked to each other for long!

  • “Say Jin… do I have to worry about this Pi?
  • Huh?
  • I mean, you two are quite close.
  • Oh you’re so cute! All jealous!
  • No… I’m suspicious.
  • Yeah but not with Pi! Look it’s us skiing a few years ago, I love this picture!
  • Oh this is the guy I saw at the restaurant! Well… in fact you should be suspicious!
  • What do you mean?
  • You’re kidding? Have you looked at this guy?
  • Stop that!
  • Ah! Who’s jealous now?
  • I’ll show you!”

And before calling be we had sex again… then I called him and we had a fun conversation! He told e he felt better… yet he was at home with Ryo and Tegoshi, poor him…

I had decided to go see him the same evening. I wanted him to officially meet Kazuya. I wanted them to get along!

We had spent the whole day in bed, telling each other about our life. When I told him that it was cool since he had had a day off, Kazuya had laughed and told me that he was in fact the owner of the restaurant… so he could just do as it pleased him…

Everything was fine, everything was magical, I had never felt so peaceful with someone. One could have said that this kind of situation couldn’t last forever but I was just enjoying myself.

So when my phone rang and I saw Pi’s name on it, I just thought he wanted me to buy groceries for the evening.

When I heard his voice I immediately knew something was off. Pi’s voice was weak and full of sobs. In a few seconds I was all dressed. Kazuya looked at me with questioning eyes and I told him that Ryo was in the hospital and that I had to go. He took me to the door.

  • “Kazuya, I’m sorry to leave you like this…
  • Don’t be silly! You…
  • Yeah?
  • You’ll come back?
  • Of course I’ll come back! You think I’ll let you go now?”

With a kiss I tried to give my lover all the feelings I had inside. It was just so wonderful to hold him in my arms… With regrets I left the sweet cocoon I lived in for two days and ran to my best friend.

I was dead worried.

Thinking about I, alone in this hospital… it reminded me of his parent’s death, I never wanted him to live that again.

When I finally saw him sitting in a corridor, knees bent, his head resting above, alone, I yelled his name and immediately saw him raising his head. As soon as he saw me, he uttered a deep painful groan and threw himself into my arms. He was feeling so bad… I couldn’t just bear to see him like that.

I immediately took some news of Ryo. I finally understood why he didn’t play anymore. Everything was clear now and I honestly felt bad for him.

This was the worst reason to stop playing ever! If he had been a junky then we would have helped him to stop and would have restarted again! If he had hated it, then there was no reason for him to play anymore… but… no… he still loved his instrument, he still desperately wanted to play but he couldn’t anymore.

Simple, clear and oh so cruel.

But still reassuring. He had a crisis, it would pass, he was getting better… until next time…

Pi couldn’t stop crying, he didn’t leave my arms.

Their relationship had changed. At 24 hours apart, we had declared and it had worked. Certainly he and I, always in phase… I didn’t say a word about Kazuya for the moment, we had time for that. I was just listening to him when he wanted to talk and remained silent when he was.

It was my role, just to be there for him.

I think I’ve never been happier to see a doctor!

And this one looked cool; he had an honest smile and seemed to understand that Pi was dead worried! I left them talk while absentmindedly listening. I finally learned that Ryo was feeling better, he was resting and that there was a surgery! Hearing this wens Pi was practically hysterical and finally they allowed him to see his boyfriend.

I took advantage of these peaceful moments to send a message to Kazuya… yeah I know... phones in hospitals… but I just wanted to reassure him! And then I received a little answer telling me he’s happy and waiting for me at his place or the restaurant and that I only have to come when I want…

I was sooooo happy!

I saw the room’s door open and Pi get out. Something was off.

  • “Pi, what’s going on?
  • Jin… Ryo doesn’t want the surgery.
  • What? But why?
  • He didn’t explain. He just told me to leave if I just wanted to “bother him with my stupid ideas”
  • That’s weird. I thought Ryo and you were getting better?
  • Well I thought too.
  • Ok Jinjin, please don’t be mad but I think I need to walk a little… I’m going home. I’ll call you later ok?
  • Ok… and Pi?
  • Mmh?
  • If you need anything…
  • Don’t worry. You know I’ll give you a call.”

Of course I knew.

But it was always reassuring to hear him say so.

I gave him a big hug and he went. He seemed even sadder; I couldn’t definitely bear to see him like that so I took a deep breath and entered the room.

Ryo was there. As much as he tried to hide it, I could see his eyes were red.

  • “Jin, you’re here too.
  • Well yeah… what do you think? That I was going to leave Pi alone while he was completely panicked?
  • No.
  • So, how are you felling?
  • Better. Tomo told you?
  • Yes.
  • Oh…
  • But there are things you are going to explain yourself.
  • …? He looked at me questioning.
  • What’s this surgery you’re refusing story?
  • Oh fuck you’re not going to do it too! I do what I want and I don’t want to be operated!
  • Why?
  • Because! I don’t have to explain!
  • Yes you do!
  • Why?
  • Because Pi loves you and you owe him a little explanation.”

Ryo’s look was lost; I could feel his suffering under his words. I knew something was wrong and I had to make him tell me the truth.

  • “Pi is too precious to me; I won’t let you hurt him.”

He raised his head and looked at me. Suddenly something changed and I saw tears coming in his eyes.

  • “But I don’t want to hurt him…
  • Ryo…
  • It’s the last thing I want…
  • So why are you reacting like that?
  • Because! This surgery won’t change anything…
  • What do you mean?
  • Whatever happens, I’ll no longer be a pianist! It’s over!
  • But, this surgery, it would stop the pain right?
  • Yeah.
  • Ok. So either you’re a masochist or you’re the dumbest.”

Looking at him, I knew he didn’t like my answer, but I had to dig further… I couldn’t leave those two like that…

  • “Well yeah… either you like the pain or you just don’t understand so… which one do you choose?
  • Jin, you can’t understand… piano was all my life…
  • I do understand. But I don’t like it.
  • What do you mean?
  • Ryo, it’s not because you can’t perform anymore that you’re no longer a pianist! You’ll always be a pianist!”

He turned his head away and I saw a sweet smile coming on his lips; that was a good beginning.

  • “Well… you two sure are friends…
  • Yeah! Did he say the same things?
  • Mmh.
  • Ah see! That may mean we’re right don’t you think?
  • Maybe.
  • Ryo, Pi has too much suffered in his life, he’s lived too many painful things?
  • I know…
  • Between his parents who didn’t show any feelings except while he was playing, the guiltiness he felt when they died, the things he had to face all alone… don’t you think he deserve a little peace?
  • Ryo!
  • Yes…
  • Damned! You saw the life he had when you met him! Look at him now, he’s crazy about you! Think about it Ryo, I mean really think about it and don’t choose too fast. I think it would be a shame to lose him now.”

I came closer to him; he seemed so small in this big hospital’s bed. I felt the doubts running in his head and at this very moment I knew for sure that this guy was in love with my best friend.

Slowly I put my hand on his shoulder and saw him raising teary eyes on me.

  • “Jin… I’m totally lost…
  • Ryo, I trust you, I know you’ll make the right decision.
  • You know Ryo, if I’m here it’s not only for Pi. You changed him and there was only you to succeed in it. So I’m going to let you think about it. You know you can call me anytime if you need anything.
  • Mmh.”

After giving him a kiss on the cheek, I left. I couldn’t do anything more. When I was outside, I called Pi to be sure he was ok. He told me that he was at home and that he’ll call me later. Nice Pi! He didn’t let me worried!

Then I ran to the restaurant to see Kazuya.

I missed him!

I found myself silly… but on the same time I didn’t care!

When I entered the place, I immediately saw him behind the bar. He looked at me and gave me a huge smile… my day was perfect! I wanted to drown in his dark eyes.

I had found him.

It was him.

My name is Akanishi Jin.

And I’m in love with Kamenashi Kazuya.


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cute it kinda remix of the story.

I really wanted to give a try on first Person POV and I also wanted to talk more about Jinjin!!
Thanks !

Lovely chap ^_^ Jinjin is such a nice boyfriend n friend...he will do anything 4 everyone without hesitation from himself ^_^ He is really nice guy ^^

Nice chap n thank U 4 updated =)

Thank you for commenting!
Jinjin is nice ne? I always tend to see him like that !

Oh God!! Thank you soooo much!!

yeah bottom jin
kinda cute

Yeah I like bottom Jin! Hard to find ne?
Thanks !

Thanks so much for writing such an interesting fic.

I am really enjoying the story-line a lot!

Can't wait for the next chapter! ^^

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