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Questions by theblackheat

1. Do you have a private journal/side/blog somewhere? Or do you like to share your RL with other? If not why?

To be honest I don’t have anything related to my RL. I really don’t know why… The thing is in my family and friends no one likes (or is interested) in JE related thing. So it’s just like something that I keep for myself. But I’d love to share things with people! Sometimes I'm lonely... It’s just that sometimes I think that I don’t want to bother people on the net with my little life!

2. Who is your favorit band/singer in JE? Why?

Yamashita Tomohisa!!! Of course the great Yamapi-sama! I just think that he’s amazing… Great actor, great voice, great performer and I have the feeling that he’s a great guy! Everytime I see him on TV I just have a stupid grin on the face. This guy has an ability to make me happy!

ERO 49

3. How did you get to know JE? Who was the first one (band/singer)?

JE… How did I get to know… hum… I have to remember!

Oh yeah!! hanazakari no kimitachi e! Ikuta Toma-kun!

When I saw him I just thought he was good looking and terribly funny! So I searched about him on the net but didn’t payed attention to the JE thing.

Then I saw Hana Yori Dango with Matsujun and then again no attention to the JE thing.

Then I saw Kurosagi and then! JE because I really wanted to know everything about Yamapi.

That’s when I discovered everything about JE!

4. Tell me something about your country. What do you like there and what not.

I live in France in Paris so it’s difficult to say that I don’t like it. Paris really is one of the most beautiful city of the world. Everything about it has like a magical spell… I don’t know if I’m clear enough!

France is a wonderful country where you can find everything in terms of landscapes.

About the French, well… let’s just say that sometimes, French people are not very welcoming… yeah… let’s just say that!

5. Which countries have you been so far? Tell me some funny moments about those journeys. IF you haven't been outside your country, than tell me where do you would like to go and why.

I’m half german so I often go to Germany. It is really a country that I love! I love the people, the air, everything!

I went in UK, London last May during the French presidential elections and it was very funny to hear another country talk about our politic!

I also went to Roma and that’s a city that I love! Everything there is very peaceful.

I went to Greece and it is also a place that I love very much. It is soooo beautiful!

But the biggest trip so far is going to happen in 2013 because finally I’m going in Japan for 3 weeks!! I am so happy!! My trip is all packed, everything is ready, now I just have to wait!!

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I'll be in Japan on march 2013 !

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